06 December 2011

Draft shipbreaking rules to be finalised today:

Stakeholders of the shipbreaking and ship recycling sector along with the industries ministry will hold a discussion today to finalise draft of 'Ship Breaking and Ship Recycling Rules-2011'.

The rules are being designed to make the country's growing shipbreaking industry green and workers' friendly.

Recommendations will be sought from the stakeholders and experts to finalise the rules to help grow the sector by protecting the environment and offering better benefits to workers.

Industries Minister Dilip Barua will attend the meeting at Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in the capital.

The government is considering the experience and ideas gained from different shipbreaking nations like China and India in finalising the rules for shipbreaking, which was recently recognised as an industry.

The parties involved in the sector said they would take it as a serious job to make sure that least damage is done to the environment and better deals are offered to the workers engaged in the sector.

Source: The Daily Star. 4 December 2011

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