16 December 2011

Bangladesh: Shipbreaking, recycling policy in place:

The government published the gazette of the ‘shipbreaking and recycling policy’ on Tuesday following its Monday’s approval by the cabinet.

The Industries Ministry finalised the policy to make the booming sector green and workers-friendly.

Earlier, in November, the Supreme Court directed the government to formulate a set of rules by December 14 to free the shipbreaking industry from pollution and ensure workers’ safety. It also asked the Industries secretary to appear before the court with a copy of the government gazette on the rules.

Talking to UNB, Industries Minister Dilip Barua said, “It’s one of the biggest achievements of his ministry and the government.”

Industries secretary KH Masud Siddiqui is likely to appear before the court with the gazette copy on Wednesday.

The government considered the experience and ideas gained from different shipbreaking nations like China and India in finalising the rules for shipbreaking, which was recently recognised as an industry.

On February 13 this year, the government declared the shipbreaking as an industry after a high-profile meeting, where Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, several ministers, advisers and senior officials were present.

Source:  The Daily Sun. 14 December 2011

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Tridib said...

Great job by Supreme Court of Bangladesh. 3 yrs back High Court gave the government 3 months time to frame policy for the ship recycling industry. It could have taken many more months without recent (Nov 2011) firm stand of SC.