21 October 2011

Spain allocates funds for fishing vessel scrapping:

Spain: The Fisheries Sector Conference, composed of representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM) and of leaders of the autonomous community fisheries, has approved the assignment of €28 million (US$39 million) to fund the National Decommissioning Plan.

The government aims to reduce the capacity of the Spanish fleet included in the census of international fisheries and those of third countries, from 2011 to 2013. Of the total allocated, Galicia will receive €5 million to scrap fishing vessels operating in international fisheries and those of the Canary Islands will obtain €11.2 million. Andalusia will receive €8 million to dismantle some of its fishing vessels and the Basque Country will receive €3.7 million, according to Faro de Vigo.

Vessels receiving this aid will have to stop their activities for good. Moreover, they cannot be included in management, recovery and emergency measure plans or be affected by the non-renewal of a fisheries agreement.

Marine Affairs Minister Rosa Quintana voiced regret that the plan takes place “more than 2 years behind the schedule”, despite repeated requests by the industry in recent years.

Source: Aus Marine. 20 October 2011

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