20 October 2011

Salvage company to start work on MV Miner:

HALIFAX — A salvage company has been hired by the Nova Scotia government to remove loose items from a ship grounded off Cape Breton.

Harry MacInnis of Balls Creek looks over the scene where the MV Miner came to rest on the rocky shore of Scatarie Island last week. MacInnis, who has experience scrapping large boats, was curious to view the vessel and was on his second trip to the island.

The province’s Natural Resources Department says in an email that Mammoet Salvage will also seal all doors and hatches to prevent anyone from getting inside.

Mammoet Salvage has already removed fuel and oil from the vessel.

The former Great Lakes freighter was being towed to Turkey as scrap when it ran aground on Scatarie Island on Sept. 20.

The provincial government says it will cost between $250,000 and $400,000 to do the work, and take from seven to 10 days.

The work on the extensively damaged bulk carrier is expected to begin Thursday.

The Natural Resources Department also says an oil sheen likely from the ship’s engine room was spotted on the water Monday.

Transport Canada estimates the sheen amounts to about five litres of oil that will be soaked up with absorbent booms.

More than 10,000 litres of oil and waste water have already been removed from the ship, which has been heavily damaged by waves since it became stuck on the island’s shore.

Source: Cape Breton Post. 18 October 2011

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