29 October 2011

New recycling center accepts practically everything:

SAN ANTONIO – We’ve had a recycling program for several years now, but there are a lot of things the recycling trucks won't take. What do you do with that old computer, television or foam packaging?

Now there’s a place that will recycle virtually everything, for free.

In a nondescript warehouse off I-35 near Splashtown, they've constructed a 100,000 square foot, one stop recycling center, where soon you'll be able to drop off things they won't take at the curb. Even styrofoam and electronics.

Inside they're still installing carpet, made from recycled plastic bottles. But the rest of the operation is up and running. A company called Logistix is already processing loads from local communities and trash haulers and will open to the public next month.

“We're looking to fill those niches that other recyclers think are either too difficult, or there’s not enough money to be made. We do it all,” says Logistix recycling director Zach Walter.

Walter gave us a tour of the plant and showed us a machine that recycles Styrofoam -- which is kind of like the kryptonite of recycling. Most processors won't touch it.

“We ship it to manufacturers that make picture frames and crown molding and other wood type products.” says Walter.

Local military bases are already sending classified documents here to be shredded and turned into tissue paper. Instead of slicing the pages into thin strips, their shredder grinds them to tiny bits, which is more secure.

Like other recyclers, Logistix takes in and sorts paper, cardboard, plastic containers of all kinds, including prescription medication bottles and metal.

They also have a shop where they disassemble and recycle just about anything that can be plugged in -- which will come as welcome news to anyone who has tried to recycle a TV or computer. Like Nancy Horne, who couldn't find anyone to take her 42-inch big screen.

“I thought, ‘How am I going to get rid of it?’ It sat in my living room for months because I couldn't get rid of it,” Horne told us.

Logistix says it will accept electronics, recyclables and paper for shredding from the public free of charge, and in some cases pay for it.

“We are going to have a drop off area that they will be able to come in and drop off their material,” says Walter.

Source: By Jaie Avila (JaieAvila@woaitv.com). 28 October 2011

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