07 October 2011

Leavesley International: Ship Recycling Facility in UK

In 2008 Leavesley International established a ship recycling facility at Canada Graving Dock, Liverpool. It was here that the first UK Warship to be recycled in UK was taken in October 2008 for dismantling.

HMS Intrepid at Leavesley International for scrapping
The former HMS Intrepid attracted considerable media interest, and featured in a number of national daily news papers.

Intrepid was completely dismanteled, and over 96% of the material was recycled, in October 2009 two more ex MoD vessels the former RFA's Grey Rover and Sir Percivale were delivered to the recycling facility.

The project leader for the ship recycling facility, Stuart Halsey, was recently quoted saying "Intrepid was the first ship to be recycled in the UK under an Enviroment Agency permit. We are leading the way in the Disposal of the ships.

HMS Intrepid was completed during 2009, and RFA Grey Rover and RFA Sir Percivale were completed in May 2011.

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Stuart Halsey:
Staffordshire office: 0044-1283 791071

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