30 October 2011

Grant for NGO Platform on Shipbreaking:

The NGO Platform on Shipbreaking (Platform) is a global coalition of human rights, environmental and labour rights groups that work to expose and prevent the illegal export of end-of-life ships containing hazardous substances from western countries to scrapping yards in Asia. The NGO Platform also campaigns for the safe and environmentally sound disposal of such vessels.

Grant History:

SRT has supported the NGO Platform since 2007.
Current grant: £150,000 over 3 years
Grant start: 1st July 2010

Located in: Belgium
Working in: Bangladesh, Belgium, India, Turkey
Programme: Social Justice: Environmental Justice

Grant awarded by - Sigrid Rausing Trust, 12 Penzance Place, London, W11 4PA

Source: Sigrid Rausing Trust

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