30 September 2011

Pollution of the Environment on the Shipbreaking Study on the Legal Issues:


China always occupies the first 3 of amount on shipbreaking since the 1980s in the world. As present, more than 30 shipbreaking yards highly concentrate in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta area, dismantling the country's total capacity of 90 percent. As the Chinese government attaches great importance to standardize the management of shipbreaking industry on the system level, and actively urge enterprises to increase investment in shipbreaking anti-pollution facilities, and increase the intensity of the training, Chinese shipbreaking industry of environmental protection and safety also walk in the fore front of the world. However, because there are a wide variety of issues for Chinese shipbreaking industry itself, as well as there are many problems in the regulatory and administrative law enforcement of the competent authority, the industry of recycling resources, reducing pollution and protecting environment of water has been counterproductive, polluting the environment and undermining the human health. In order to make the shipbreaking industry develop healthily and orderly and be a truly sustainable environmental protection industry, the author analyzes the problems of the shipbreaking industry itself and the authorities in use of the methods of comparison and analysis, and linking theory with reality, and hopes to benefit the development of shipbreaking industry. Firstly, this paper understands the shipbreaking industry preliminarily from the past situation, the present situation and the development prospects. It analyzes the problems of shipbreaking industry and understands attention to the shipbreaking industry at home and abroad. Secondly, it understands the legal requirements for Chinese shipbreaking yards from a legal point of view, including qualifications, examination and approval and legal responsibilities and so on. Thirdly, it focuses on analysis of the shortcomings in monitoring the Chinese shipbreaking industry currently, and demonstrates the lack of competent authority in the management system and the administrative law enforcement, combining with relevant laws and regulations. Finally, it puts forward some suggestions with the actual situation that formulate local laws and regulations through improving the legal system of management in shipbreaking, strengthen supervision and establish standards of management procedures, improve the management system for shipbreaking, and strengthen the executive law enforcement of the relevant departments and so on. Make the shipbreaking industry have a sustainable development while protecting the environment.

Key words:
shipbreaking industry; environment pollution; legal responsibility; administrative supervision and management

Source: (Accessed on 30 September 2011)

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