24 September 2011

Chinese Toxic Ship Asked to Stay Off the Port Chittagong:

Chinese Toxic Ship MV Asia Union, which arrived at the Port of Chittagong yesterday, has been asked to stay off the port until environmental department carries a thorough inspection.

According to the Department of Shipping, the ship has been imported illegally and the importers never applied for a NOC (No Objection Certificate).

MV Asia Union, which was formerly known as, MV Humber and MV Cast Otter, has been detected with 79 deficiencies since 2010. The ship has been reported to possess hazardous substances such as asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyl, toxic paints, and chemical residues, making it extremely unfit for any port of the world.

Presently the ship has been asked to stay away from the port area, approximately 5.5 nautical miles from the port. The Department of Environment has been asked to inspect the ship. The ship will be allowed in the port only if the department issues an environmental clearance certificate.

Source: Marine Insight. 21 September 2011

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