30 August 2011

True Safety Performance of Flag States is Unveiled:

All states coming under the Paris Memorandum of Understanding region are inspected regularly to assess safety measures. Each flag state is then compiled into a list ranking the states from best to worst. Those with the best performance are in the ‘White list’, and then there is the grey and finally black list for those with the poorest safety performance that pose the most risk to danger.

These inspections are based over 3 years and a minimum of 30 inspections. From 2008-2010 the 42 strong white list allocates Bermuda as the best performer, and also includes Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, Greece, Hong Kong and Norway to name but a few.

Following this there are 24 on the grey list, including the USA and Jamaica. The black list which represents the worst safety performance of the flag state’s vessels has 18 listed, including Libya and Sierra Leone, with North Korea positioned as the poorest performer.

With such information so readily available to the public, safety needs to be taken more seriously than ever.

Source: Lucion Marine. 7 June 2011

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