28 August 2011

Safe & Green Ship Recycling Tips:

Status of environment and safety performance on yard
Benefit: Confidence to workers that they are working in a safe place.

Use of boiler suit for steel cutting on ship and yard
Benefit: Workers will feel safer to work on ship and yard as it does not have any loose ends which can entangle in any items around.

All the pipe joints should be clamped properly and covered with insulation tape
Benefit: No leakages leading to saving of precious resources.

Calibration of oxygen and explosive gas detection instruments on regular intervals.
Benefit: Taking right decisions on whether it is safe to work or not.

All the pipes and hoses used for supply of oxygen, CNG, LPG and other flammable gases shall be of national quality mark.
Benefit: Less chances of equipment failure leading to incidents on yard.

Wearing of mask while steel cutting on ship and plot.
Benefit: Fumes generated from steel cutting will not affect respiratory system of workers.

Water tank should be always full to meet any emergency
Benefit: Immediate use is possible to control big fires until external help arrives.

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