29 October 2011

Press Release: Environmental Permit for Swansea Dry Docks Limited

Swansea Drydocks (SDL) is delighted that the Environment Agency has advertised the draft permit and their decision document, which informs the public that the agency is minded to issue the company with an Environmental Permit.  Ships for recycling will begin arriving as soon as authorisation has been obtained by the Environment Agency.

Phase 1 of SDL’s £4m capital investment plan will soon be completed, including over £1m spent on infrastructure improvements that meet environmental best practice, and new machinery and equipment is on order.

The company intends to begin operations, including both ship recycling and ship repair work, in a systematic and controlled manner. To enhance its management team, SDL is currently interviewing technical managers with specific areas of expertise, and further jobs will be advertised on the new website www.swanseadrydocks.com, in the future. Whilst in the short term, many aspects of the work will be done in collaboration with highly experienced suppliers of ship repair and recycling services, the longer term aim is to recruit and train a full time, multi-skilled workforce and to handle most aspects of the work internally.

SDL has spent over two years gaining permissions and certificates, developing and implementing site plans, researching and selecting appropriate machinery and making contacts with potential suppliers and customers. Its’ vision remains constant – SDL is committed to creating a world class ship repair and recycling facility that conforms to European standards for quality, environment and health and safety. The company aims to cover the full life cycle of a ship, from conducting ship surveys and ongoing repair and maintenance, through to end of life ship recycling, and it aims to work in partnership with the people of Swansea and Wales to achieve this vision.

Source: Swansea Dry Docks. 26 October 2011

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