03 August 2011

PCTC is first ship with fully operational OceanSaver BWT system

Höegh Autoliners PCTC (Pure Car Truck Carrier), Höegh Trove is the first vessel in the world to have a fully operational OceanSaver ballast water treatment (BWT) system.

"OceanSaver cost-effectively complies with pending IMO ballast water treatment regulations," says Oistein Dahl, President of Höegh Fleet Services and Head of Ship Management at Höegh Autoliners (Höegh).

Höegh has built a strong green brand through its ISO 14001 certification and ongoing eco-friendly initiatives, including scrapping 10 vessels and recycling garbage onboard.

"We are looking for the best systems and products to give us a very green footprint. In addition to carefully evaluating our BWT system, we are replacing any product, from stern tube lube oil and cleaning products to cooling agents and light bulbs, to make our operation as eco-friendly as possible," says Mr. Dahl.

Delivered by Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. in 2000, Höegh Trove has a cargo capacity of 6,500 ceu and maximum speed of 18.6 knots, It is a medium size vessel demanding sizable and easy ballast operations.

The OceanSaver delivery consisted of the supply and installation of two sets of first generation systems, each with a treatment capacity of up to 500 cu.m /h.

Höegh Trove features two C2E disinfectant units, two 50 micron filters and two C3T cavitation units. The system is fully integrated into the existing vessel automation system.

"A retrofit installation is challenging from many points of view for a vessel trading worldwide; but we are happy to see that OceanSaver system works very well. The crew find the system very easy to operate." saysMr. Dahl.

OceanSaver's system is delivered as a complete design, equipment and commissioning package to achieve highly customized retrofit or newbuilding installation, while allowing owners and shipyards to choose their level of involvement.

"BWT systems are very new to the shipping industry and while some owners want a strong hands-on engagement with our engineers, others choose to delegate, opting for a more remote level of involvement," says Stein Foss, CEO of OceanSaver.

According to Mr. Foss, a common goal with Höegh has been to deliver a simple to operate system with minimal maintenance and operational cost.

"We installed the BWT system at the most convenient location for Höegh and worked in strict compliance with the agreed-on design intent, executing all assembly and testing aspects in absolute highest quality. This is a very user, maintenance friendly system. And a major milestone for OceanSaver and Höegh," says Mr. Foss.

The BWTS has been through extensive on board testing before delivery incorporating all experience gathered from a similar system tested on Höegh Trooper since 2005.

"Höegh Trove's BWT system fulfilled all expectations of owners, operators and class society. And its self-explanatory operational system requires minimal on board training to fully operate the system," says Mr. Foss.

According to Tor Atle Eiken, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing at OceanSaver, the industry has responded very favorably to OceanSaver's high-end technology for critical ballast water treatment applications. "OceanSaver has now signed major contracts for 38 BWT systems thus propelling its position as a key supplier to the global medium to large vessel fleet," he said.

Source: MarineLog.2 August 2011

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