25 August 2011

City Council, with the Ship Recycling Facility Ozdemir Talks Last minute news:

Management of Zonguldak City Council, Mayor Dr. Kálymnos. Ozdemir, a visit to the exclusive and talked about the damage is done the shipbreaking facility.

City Council President and members of the board of Zonguldak Yesari Sezgin, Town Mayor, Dr. Kálymnos. Özdemir, a distinguished visiting his office, exchanged views on issues. Zonguldak is a study about the sewer project, and shortages in all the sufferings that the people of Zonguldak Sezgin, "folded it, at the end of perhaps 2-3 years after the seas will be a lot cleaner today and will become available. When you have completed all of Kilimli'yi seas along the beach will be much cleaner. As mentioned at this stage is also raised in the shipbreaking facilities be eaten, according to sensations we receive. Executive committee meeting last week, as we do what we can do about it I have made the mutual exchange of ideas. Of course, since it is very close to you Alacaağzı'nın you the most is you who will be affected, as Kálymnos, there seems to be made within the boundaries of the City of Çatalağzı and plan their studies, but much closer, and the effects of Kilimli'ye is also very likely to come here. You know, as a ship dismantling facilities in the industrial sectors, the so-called one of the most deadly industry.

Advanced countries not encounter any one of the shipbreaking facility is set up and continually shutting down and 3 more like this countries in the world is going to call. In our country, except in the Aliaga shipbreaking facilities do not have anywhere else. We've done the research. Looking at the new site will be established outside the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs Zonguldak Alacaağzı a shipbreaking facility does not appear anywhere. Aliaga shipbreaking facility other than this one when there is nowhere to be Zonguldak, dropped us some concern. Because you're talking about a scenario such as the poor. Not a word to the shipyard. We have seen examples of the investments we have seen. No one would say that investing in the shipyard, but when it comes to shipbreaking work is changing color. Both the sea, contaminating an area of ​​25 km that will impact both the overlap and other organic materials that have asbestos used in detachments. Affecting an area of ​​25 kilometers. We wanted to make in this regard and mutual exchange of ideas with you, let's also said that our views.

In this issue we not only Kilimli'yi Kozlu and Zonguldak and see it as a whole is not possible to distinguish from each other. Pollution of the sea will affect all of us in the first place in Zonguldak Kilimli'yi much impact but will affect quite a lot and we think as a whole. I think I need to be sensitive to this issue. While business at the beginning of the road ready to ship dismantling facilities should not be here. We are carrying out work where she cleaned up our seas and seas on the other ship-breaking facilities, and human health, in terms of a new Chernobyl yaşamayalım Zonguldak think that after 10 years. Let your support and your views on this subject and wanted to learn. We wanted to exchange our mutual ideas. We welcome any cooperation in this regard as well. Zonguldak your support and sign the City Council would like to see us. The main reason for our visit was mainly "he said.

Dr Mayor expressed his satisfaction that the visit. Seckin Ozdemir, "a very important visit, thank you. Follower of this work from the day I'm the mayor. However, a parcel of the previous times, this place is Cansu shipyard shipbuilding. The other is also divided Yılnak ship recycling facility. I think it has to be 307 and 308 parcels within the boundaries of region and tamimiyle Çatalağzı. However, in the presence of direct interaction will be the Kálymnos. Now when we look at has already happened in our region, such as the industrial city of Catalagzi now. So I have already Cates, a private sector has more. Then there is that one more time, more of a power plant when it is opened, but of course they get it right next to the account when you mix these particles, although we work very professionally, even this will affect the environment. Of course, industry, job possibility as, I'm in favor providing the convenience of the people in them.

But at the moment we are not against the construction of the ship described the event, the ship against deconstruction. The idea of ​​this performance. How do I call it that now he really is one of Zonguldak coast road, it arises as a move If the City Council in making every event that will bring harm to our region and our city but also a sign that we were being moving and at the same time the proof that I am not alone. In his thank you for that we will fight together. The result is opened from the moment of shipbreaking always explained as follows. So, perhaps, but at least 500-1000 people will work there will be trouble for the next generations. Of course, defenses, they say there is not like before, but have very limited places in the world and the capacity of the shipbreaking sites, and wherever they show the same reactions in nuclear power plants, ie the result rather than the influence of psychological and social aspects of this business and we believe that we will not correct in terms of your health. So, at least in areas with a residential area, where very dense population of the human population; Kálymnos 30 thousand, 10 thousand Çatalağzı. and as I said I have a total population of 40 thousand kilometers in the 40-50 spread at the moment all the time and in every area of ​​Zonguldak Filyos'tan affect sea, given that we have to say at the moment is. Maybe some things before that, but at this point is denilmemiş if we act together, that is, we not prevent the investor, the investor executes a right in favor of the business.

I believe I learned a new reason for our meeting and also was not very nice to meet you. These are primarily for the platform, we will, as always, will bring our voices. As a result, and our generation will live in this place where we live. Ie Onlarındın. Çocuklarımızındır this land, beaches, because tomorrow they will live after us. So it should work atmosphere based on our disposition. In this, let's move together. I got some defensive measures as a municipality that is. Because of this, why did shipbreaking license taken. We'll support whatever is necessary until the end of shipbuilding. Because the gateway to a new work and food. Are willing to do whatever we need to do about this, "he said.

Ozdemir President agree with them being recorded sevindirdiğini Yesari Sezgin said City Council President:

Source: Haber Monitor. 23 August 2011

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