10 August 2011

Bangladesh Shipbreakers prepare Guideline: Submission to ministry soon

The country's shipbreakers have prepared a detailed guideline for the shipbreaking industry to undertake safe and environmentally sound ship recycling in the country.

The shipbreakers have prepared it in light of the Prime Minister's directives and are planning to submit it to the ministry of industries shortly.

According to the guideline, if a seller obtains physical clearance and the recycler pays customs duty and takes charge of the ship, the beaching permission will be given by the authorities concerned within the next one working day.

It said in case of permission being refused by the authority, the ship owner or his nominated agent or the recycler will be entitled to appeal in the designated appellate authorities.

It also said permission for safe anchorage will be issued by the port authority in such a way that physical verifications of the ship by the authorities or other agencies concerned are safe. In case the ship does not comply with the standards set according to the submitted documents as per inspection by any or all of the agencies, the ship can be sent back, the proposed guideline said.

According to the guideline, war ships, nuclear powered vessels, naval ships, submarines, passenger or passenger-cum-roll-on/roll-off (RORO) vessels having 400 or more passengers, oil and chemical carrying tankers, floating platforms for off-shore production (FPSO), and international maritime dangerous goods (IMDG) carrying vessels shall be treated as ships of special concern.

It said the ships other than of special concern will be treated as ships of general concern.

As regards the anchorage process, upon receipt of NOC (no objection certificate) from the appropriate authorities, entry into the port area for a ship is allowed.

It said all ships prior to entering Bangladesh maritime zones are to inform authorities concerned through the nominated and approved local agent.

The prior information to the port should also include that the ship is bound for recycling yards.

At the time of boarding, relevant documents should be submitted.

Importers are to submit documents including commercial invoice, bill of sale and certificate of non-encumbrances and/or lien to customs for final assessment of the bill of entry.

According to the Guideline -
  • The navy is to make a list of the radio/navigational equipment/pyrotechnics in the ship and issue necessary certificate within the next one working day.
  • Asbestos being a major area of concern, the scheme for removing asbestos, and asbestos containing materials (ACMs) on board, and on shore, should be specifically provided. Locations having asbestos/ACMs should be marked before commencing dismantling operations.
  • The plan should include arrangements for handling, treatment and disposal of the ship.
  • Every ship-recycler shall appoint a qualified safety officer.
  • Cutting operations shall be carried out under the supervision of the safety officer.
  • The management of occupational safety and health will be in accordance with the provisions of factories and labour laws.
Source: The Financial Express. By Jasim Uddin Haroon. 17 April 2011

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