04 July 2011

Distribution, enrichment and accumulation of heavy metals in coastal sediments of Alang–Sosiya ship scrapping yard, India


Since its inception in 1982, the Alang–Sosiya yard has become the largest ship scrapping works in the world. Several hundreds of ships arrive every year. The degree of heavy metal contamination has been studied in bulk and fine sediments from the intertidal zone of this ship scrapping yard, two stations, one on either side at 5 km distance and one reference station 60 km distance near Mahuva, towards the south. The samples have been subjected to a total digestion technique and analysed for elements: Cd, Co, Cu, Cr, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb, Zn and Al, and %TOC. The absolute metal concentrations reflected variations in BF and FF sediment samples with organic matter content. Enrichment factors (EF) and geoaccumulation indices (Igeo) have been calculated and the relative contamination levels are assessed at these sites. At Alang–Sosiya, the enrichment of heavy metals has been observed to be relatively high.

Keywords: Alang–Sosiya; Mahuva; Intertidal sediments; Metal contamination; Bulk fraction; Fine fraction

Article Outline:
1. Introduction
2. Materials and methods
3. Results and discussion

Journal Title: Marine Pollution Bulletin
Volume 48, Issues 11-12, June 2004, Pages 1055-1059

Available online 17 January 2004.

M. Srinivasa Reddy, Shaik Basha, V. G. Sravan Kumar, H. V. Joshi,  and G. Ramachandraiah

Author Affiliation:
Disciplines of Marine Algae & Marine Environment and Analytical Sciences, Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Gijubhai Badheka Marg, Bhavnagar 364 002, Gujarat, India

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Source: Science Direct

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