29 April 2011

Maersk closed shipbreaking recycling services, environmental concern in the shipping industry:

AP Moller Maersk Group ─ confirmed recently in Copenhagen, to stop the ship to the other owner to provide intermediary services, environmental scrap recycling, claiming to be more focus on core business in shipping. The decision is not only the outside world I am truly an accident, caused by the shipping industry while promoting environmental protection concerns shipbreaking.

Maersk ships in China and the Netherlands scrap recycling services, both for the Group's own ship scrapping arrangements to provide environmental protection, while providing similar shares for other business owners, customers Ro-ro shipping companies such as Sweden and the Netherlands Shell Hualin. The old boat will be arranged involving China's shipbreaking into Terminal, the group's shipbreaking services to the department responsible for planning and supervision of shipbreaking process to ensure environmental protection and the dismantling process in line with the requirements of low pollution, and recycling of scrap metal.

Indian shipbreaking site in the peninsula's many" red beach" form of shipbreaking, although the owner earnings will be higher, However, the safety hazards to workers and the environment. Maersk has stated that no" red beach", also set up shiprecycling service department, the Office of Rotterdam in the Netherlands with 84 employees and offices in China, there were four employees, has been handling about 60 old vessels, most of which Maersk does not own boats.

The group said that no arrangements for other environmentally friendly shipbreaking shipowners, shipping in order to focus more on core business of the future and further Enhance the competitiveness in the industry. But the statement also stressed that this decision will not affect the group as a whole scrap recycling policy, its own old ships will continue to deal with security and sustainable development concept.

However, the industry was surprised by the decision, because the business is not able to profit, they can improve the environmental considerations Group's image. Moreover, some insiders think that in 2009 in Hong Kong is an international Ship Recycling Convention, adopted the" Hong Kong Convention," the frustration, because the Maersk ship scrap recycling services in the implementation of some provisions of the Department, such as the development list of hazardous substances and recycling programs.

Source: en.zgxu.com. 26 April 2011

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