29 April 2011

Green Ship Recycling: Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Green ship recycling is the new and additional Green product in WSM's portfolio.

Green Ship Recycling services is specially designed for the socially responsible Green ship owners whom demands a demolition process that offers safe working environment at the yard, together with safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials on board.
With green awareness in mind, we have signed agreements with key yards in China to carry out ship recycling work, in compliance with IMO requirements although they are not yet ratified.  The recycling work will be monitored by our site team members who have the authority to "stop work" in case of any deviation from established green procedures.  The yards have agreed to be monitored against a set of Key Performance Indexes (KPIs) which will decide a previously agreed bonus incentive scheme for them.  This comprehensive agreement with the selected yards are unique and the one of its kind in the industry.  We hope to expand the portfolio by getting more and more shipyards to go 'Green'.

The process of green recycling is tedious and requires proper planning and preparation.  One acceptable approach is "Demolition" which is the actual cutting up of the ship in blocks of manageable sizes.  The correct trimming, steel cutting including the removal arrangements are critical.  The blocks with oil content and machinery are placed in special areas on shore with proper drainage and containment arrangements.  Fire fighting procedures and evacuation routes are manned properly.

"Pre-cleaning" is a requirement prior demolition.  Pre-cleaning is the safe removal of all hazardous materials and wastes such as asbestos, fuel oils and lubes, cable insulation and other PCBs, deck coverings and insulation materials, gases and refrigerants (CFC), paints and thinners, stores and spares, fire alarm sensors and radio active materials and all other hazardous and potentially hazardous materials.  An IHM / Green Passport is pre-requisite prior to recycling.

The process of Demolition and Pre-Cleaning are fully documented in a 'Green Recycle Plan' - a document developed using the IHM / Green Passport with inputs from yard and WSM.  This plan is vital towards green recycling.
WSM also provides IHM (Inventory of Hazardous Materials) / Green Passport services for existing and to be recycled vessels by our in-house experts who are trained and certified by Class.  IHM / Green Passport which is WSM's other green product was rolled out in April 2010.

WSM's objective is to implement a proper health, safety and environmental approach towards ship recycling.  We hope to work with more shipowners in this project to ensure a better and healthier living on earth.

Source: Wilhelmsen Ship Management

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