24 March 2011

Update: Progress in Mare Island Ship Scrapping

These days, visitors to the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard may be surprised by the increased level of activity at the dry docks there. My staff was able to take some pictures of the very encouraging progress, where former Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet ships are being broken down and recycled.

These facilities at Mare Island, which are the first ship recycling facility on the West Coast, have taken a huge step towards removing the remaining obsolete ships from Suisun Bay. Furthermore, this work has provided a boost the local economy and brought jobs to the area.

I look forward to continued progress at Mare Island and the benefits it brings our community. For more information on ship scrapping on Mare Island click here, or check out our first blog on the dismantling of the SS Solon Turman.

Source: March 23, 2011

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