27 December 2010

Nat Geo Photography Contest 2010- ShipBreaking photo wins in 'Places' category

Places Winner: Photo and caption by Jana Asenbrennerova

In "Ship Breakers of Chittagong," workers expose a ship's innards in Chittagong, Bangladesh, one of the world's biggest ship graveyards.

Despite its unsafe work practices and pollution, the city is "one of the biggest industry and job opportunities for many Bangladeshis," noted photographer Jana Asenbrennerova of San Francisco.

The unusual perspective of the winning photograph impressed judges.

"It's basically an industrial landscape photo, but done in an interesting way, with humans for scale, that we couldn't stop looking at it," said judge Joel Sartore, a freelance photographer.

"I've seen a lot of shipbreaking photos, but never seen this one before," said freelance photographer and judge Stephen Alvarez. "You know at once where you are and what is going on."

Judge Sadie Quarrier, a National Geographic magazine senior photo editor, said she liked "how the photographer decided to shoot this quite tight so we only see portions of the ship."

"This allows the eye to wander around and inspect all of the various pipes, parts, and people."

Source: 2010 National Geographic Photography Contest Galleries http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/photo-contest/2010/entries/gallery/places-winners/

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