16 February 2010

Load of Old Scrap:

In total during the first month of 2010, 87 ships of all types were scrapped, bearing an aggregate capacity of 3,659,775 Dwt, while their average age was 30.7 years old. Out of them, 18 were owned by Hellenic ship owners, which mean that they accounted for almost 21% of the total, while Singaporean and Syrian owners came in second place with seven ships each (share of 8%).

What’s more interesting is that as Cotzias notes out, the ship demolition market is currently booming, with average prices going up. During January average prices by shipbreakers stood at $351 per liquefied ton, when during the previous months the numbers were closer to the low $300.

At the moment though, there are offers even at $400 per ton, which provide for a hefty compensation to ship owners. In total during January, 13 dry bulk carriers were sold for scrap (464,361 dwt), coupled by an additional and rather impressive 38 tankers (2,595,203 dwt) and 25 container ships.

Source: Container Marketing Services. 16 February 2010

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