13 October 2011

Tauranga grounding (of MV Rena) Updated 9.10am 12 Oct 2011:

Master of grounded vessel charged:

The Master of the vessel Rena has been arrested and charged by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) under section 65 of the Maritime Transport Act (MTA) 1994, “for operating a vessel in a manner causing unnecessary danger or risk”.

He will appear in the Tauranga District Court this morning (Wednesday 12 October).

One s65 MTA charge has been laid, but it is likely more charges may follow.

The s65 charge carries a maximum penalty of $10,000, or a maximum term of imprisonment of 12 months.

MNZ will make no further comment while the matter is before the courts.

Containers fall off stricken ship:

Cargo tipping on Rena's deck. Taken from HMNZS Endeavour

Bad weather overnight means that approximately 70 containers have come off Rena and are now in the water. It is highly likely that more will come off, due to the current severe weather conditions and the vessel’s heavy list.

Rena losing containers as heavy swells wash her deck on the starboard side.

Once an aerial survey is completed, there will be a clearer picture of exactly how many containers have come adrift. This aerial survey will go ahead today once the weather has cleared and the sea conditions have improved.

There are 1,368 containers on board. 11 containers containing hazardous substances are still on the vessel and are not among the 70 estimated to be overboard.

Rena lists in heavy morning seas. Taken from HMNZS Endeavour

Shipping rerouted as containers come adrift:

Navigational warnings have been issued to mariners and major shipping has been re-routed.

Rena losing containers as heavy swells wash her deck on the starboard side

Containers are likely to wash up on the beaches and if you see any, please call 0800 OIL SPILL (645 774).

The contents of the containers remain the property of the owners. It is an offence to take any property from the containers and anyone doing so can expect to be prosecuted.

Source: Maritime New Zealand. 12 October 2011

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